AutoPark Brampton provides customers with optional protection for worry free driving for years to come.

“Travel with peace of mind. Protect your investment with an Insurance Plan.”


If you’ve ever had a car break down on you, you know how inconvenient and burdensome that experience can be. With the additional coverage available through AutoPark Brampton, you’ll drive worry free knowing that your car is covered.

The average cost of vehicle repair has been increasing 5% every year. The expensive high-tech components modern vehicles are built with can be very costly to repair, and an unexpected repair can be a real financial burden. With our optional protection plans, your car will be covered and your wallet will stay full.

The protection plans we offer help eliminate the worries of our used car shoppers. Choose a plan that fits your needs to safeguard your vehicle against costly repairs.

Protection Plans1

Canada and United States Coverage

FCPP coverage protects your vehicle anywhere within Canada and the Continental United States.

Direct Response

FCPP handles your claim directly. Any repair costs will be paid directly to the facility that carried out the repairs on authorized services. This saves you, the vehicle owner, from out-of-pocket expenses, as well as the inconvenience of waiting for reimbursement.

Transferable Coverage

If you ever decide to sell your vehicle, protection plan coverage can be fully transferred to the next owner for the remainder of the Policy/Contract term. However, if the vehicle is sold, traded or otherwise passed through a dealership, leasing agency or other vehicle selling entity, coverage is not eligible to be transferred. For more details about qualifying coverage transfer, or if you have any other questions, feel free to contact our dealership.

Optional Coverage Available on Qualifying Plans

On qualifying plans, you’ll have the option to select the Guarantee Price Rebate (GPR) Option Fee, or the Experience Based Refund (EBR) Option. If you’ve selected and paid for one of the rebate options, you’ll be able to apply for a cash rebate claim as soon as the Total/Contract has expired by time. Your rebate will be based on the amount you originally paid for the Policy/Contract up to the maximum claim amount of $2,000. To qualify for the GBR/EBR Claim:

●    GBR/EBR Claim must be filed and received within the allotted time frame.
●    Original Plan holder must still be the registered owner of the vehicle.
●    No mechanical or other benefit claims were made during the entire contract term.
●    The deductible amount applies to the maximum claim amount.

Additional Benefits Included in All Levels of Coverage:


If you have a covered breakdown and you need to rent a car, take a taxi or take public transportation to get home, all such expenses will be fully reimbursed or paid for.

Trip Interruption

If your car breaks down more than 160 kilometres from your home, and the repair facility where your car is taken has to keep it overnight, any motel and restaurant expenses will be fully reimbursed or paid for.


If you have a breakdown that requires on-site assistance, 24-hour Emergency Road Service will be provided for you. Mechanical First Aid, Delivery, Battery, Towing, Locksmith and Tire service are all included. Simply call 1-800-516-3385, and roadside assistance will be on their way to help.

Platinum Shield Protection Options:
Protection Plans2

Vehicle Return Plus – Protection for Vehicle Financing

Complimentary 12 Month Coverage

If you find yourself faced with a life changing circumstance that leaves you unable to continue making your monthly payments, Vehicle Return Plus lets you walk away from payments or return your vehicle. With Vehicle Return Plus, you can cancel up to $20,000 of payments and negative equity. Depending on your protection plan coverage you selected, you’ll be able to walk away for up to 84 months.

When you take a loan out for a vehicle, for the majority of the typical 5-7 year term your loan balance will be more than the actual value of the vehicle. This is known as negative equity. When you’re in a position to make your monthly payments, you generally won’t be affected by negative equity, as you continue to pay off the loan to completion. However, if you are unable to make your monthly payments and you owe more on your vehicle loan than the car is worth (negative equity), you won’t be able to simply return your vehicle to the dealership and you may find yourself in trouble. But, with Vehicle Return Plus you won’t have to worry. If certain life changes leave you unable to make your monthly car payments, you can simply walk away from future payments!